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Acoustic Harmony: Interviews/playlists

Acoustic Harmony Playlist

(August 24, 2019)

Artist / Song / Release


Tommy Emmanuel / It's Never Too Late / It's Never Too Late

Caroline Spence / Til You Find One / Mint Condition

Cej / Flesh and Blood / Adobe Road

Joel Rafael / Float Down Stream / Rose Avenue


Marion Halliday / Good Things Will Come / Rings Around Saturn

Ellis Paul / The Innocence and the Afterlife / The Storyteller's Suitcase

Cheryl Wheeler / Pointing At the Sun / Pointing At the Sun

Janet Bates / It Is Here I Leave You, Dragon / It Is Here I Leave You, Dragon

Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz / Mississippi, Rest My Soul / Riverland


Bill Scorzari / When Will My Time Come Along / Now I'm Free

Keith Murphy / Girl from the north country / Land Of Fish And Seals

John Doyle / Little Sparrow / Shadow and Light

Genticorum / Avant L'orage / Avant L'orage


Willa Mamet & Paul Miller / Not today / Recorded live on WGDR

Kora Feder / No Answers / In Sevens

Chuck Hawthorne / Standing Alone / Fire out of Stone

Abe Loomis / From Johnny Bean Brook / The Hoosac Line


Sharon Goldman / Migration / Every Trip Around the Sun

Garnet Rogers / Cricket Dance / All That Is - The Song of Garnet Rogers

Christine Malcolm / Crickets, Coyotes and the Big Yellow Moon / Crickets, Coyotes & the Big Yellow Moon

Ben Winship / A Little Goes a Long Way / Acorns


James Hill & Anne Janelle / Hand Over My Heart / Many a Moon

Ashley & Simpson / Little Liza Jane / Off to Here Land

Low Lily / Hope Lingers On / 10,000 Days Like These


John Doyle / Clear the Way / Shadow and Light

Genticorum / Floristene / Avant L'orage

Keith Murphy / En Filant Ma Quenouille The Sleepwalker / Land Of Fish And Seals

Robyn Landis / Slow It Down / Waterproof

Louisa Branscomb / Steel Rails / Gonna Love Anyway


Stephanie Bettman & Luke Halpin / Cherokee Rose / 1000 Miles

Tim Grimm / Better Days / Heart Land Again

Shari Ulrich / By and By / Back To Shore


Brooksie Wells / Rock Me on the Water / In My Pocket

Nicholas Edward Williams / Writers of Songs / As I Go Ramblin' Around

Rj Cowdery / Girl in the War / What If This Is All There Is


Offa Rex / Willie o' Winsbury / The Queen of Hearts

Debra Mann / The Circle Game / Full Circle: The Music of Joni Mitchell


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