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Acoustic Harmony: Interviews/playlists

Acoustic Harmony Playlist

(October 19, 2019)

Artist / Song / Release


Tommy Emmanuel / It's Never Too Late / It's Never Too Late

Jennings & McComber / Miserere / Will You Leave the Light On?

Gathering Sparks / Summer of the Rain / All That's Real

Crys Matthews / These Old Hands / These Old Hands


The Moon Shells / The Tide / Seaside Asylum

Jeb Loy Nichols & The Westwood All-Stars / Matter of Fact / June Is Short, July Is Long

Jessica Heine / Could Have Loved You Better / Goodbye Party


Gatehouse / Heather Down the Moor / Heather Down the Moor

Jack Harris / Girl with a hayrake / Waterbug Anthology; Vol 8

Archie Fisher And Garnet Rogers / Waltz into winter / The Best Times After All: Live

Bill Jones / Myself at Home / Wonderful Fairytale

Tim Grimm / Autumn Garden / The Back Fields


Chuck Hawthorne / I Will Fight No More Forever / Fire out of Stone

Robbie Smith / Part of the Song / Part of the Song

Crys Matthews / Missing You / These Old Hands

Naming the Twins / Truly Home / Drifters & Dreamers

Rj Cowdery / What If This Is All There Is / What If This Is All There Is


Ellis Paul / The Battle of Charlottesville / The Storyteller's Suitcase

Deb Talan / The Darkest Season / Something Burning

John McCutcheon / Every Bush and Tree / The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Lizanne Knott / Bones and Gravity / Bones and Gravity

Peter Mayer / Winds of October / Third Street


Amy Speace / Kindness / Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne

Anna Tivel / Alleyway / Small Believer

Bill Scorzari / It All Matters / Now I'm Free

Trae Sheehan / What'd You Do It For / Arizona

Laurie MacAllister / A Reckoning of Us / The Lies the Poets Tell


Cherish the Ladies / Broken Wings / New Day Dawning

Cej / Mountain Farewell / Adobe Road

Woods Tea Company / Bedford Harbor / Songs of the Sea

Rachel Harrington / The Barn / Hush the Wild Horses

Dave Gunning / In the Time I Was Away / Up Against the Sky

Annie & Rod Capps / Beautiful Scarecrow / When They Fall


Alexa Rose / Tried and True / Medicine for Living

Catherine MacLellan / Too Many Hearts / Coyote

Tom Rush / Urge for Going / Celebrates 50 Years of Music


Heather Maloney / A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall / Just Enough Sun

Jackson Browne / In The Shape Of A Heart / Solo Acoustic, Vol. 2


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