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Acoustic Harmony: Release reviews

Patti Witten - "Tell the Wind"

I’ve been a fan of Patti Witten since first hearing her “Sycamore Tryst” release. It’s intense and haunting, a wonderful album. On "Tell the Wind" Patti raises the bar even higher. Her deeply personal lyrics and lovely voice swirl together on a beautifully produced album by Rich DePaolo. Patti and Rich have created a wonderful release that flows so well it demands repeated plays from start to finish, rewarding the listener every time with something new. Each song a gem, a little window into a world of love, loss, despair and hope. Patti is one of the most insightful and intelligent songwriters out there today. Favorites include the acoustic version of the Rolling Stones’ song Dandelion (love the toy piano!), No More crying, Perfect Blue, Encircled, April Fool and Tell the Wind.

I absolutely love this new release! You must check it out, you won't be sorry.

Here’s a taste of the song "Tell the Wind"

“Outlived beauty, rage and fear
The lines are blurred but I am clear
Not much left to keep me here
Tell the wind to take me

There’s a place above the storm,
the stones are sweet the rivers warm.
Rock to sleep in the angel’s arms
Tell the wind to take me.”
(by Patti Witten)