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Acoustic Harmony: Release reviews

Sherry Austin - "Drive On Back"

Imagine a record made by Eliza Gilkyson and Townes Van Zandt with lots of help from Emmy Lou Harris and you get a good idea of what Sherry Austin’s new release sounds like to me. Now put Keith Greeninger (City Folk), Sharon Allen and Ginny Mitchell in the mix and you’ve got some of the tightest, most pleasing harmonies you’ll find anywhere. Co-produced by Sherry and Jim Norris (percussion), this record has a wonderful live feel to it with just a splash of southern California sunshine thrown in for good measure. I defy you to listen without tapping along! Standouts include: Less and Less (Tim O’Brien), Parrish Painting (check out the pedal steel), Wagon Wheel (wonderful duet with Keith), I Wouldn’t Lie To You (incredible harmonies), Halleluja (what an arrangement & harmonies) and Audrey’s Song. But there’s not a weak track on this wonderful new release, I love it!